Download IDM terbaru 6.33 Build 2 full tanpa serial number

Post On: 17 June 2019
June 17, 2019

Download IDM terbaru Full – Inilah info seputar sofwtare yang sangat banyak dicari oleh para downloader jika kita mendownload menggunakan software IDM akan menambah kecepatan download dan juga bila koneksi internet putus bisa disambung kembali jadi banyak kegunaan anda mendownload dengan IDM.

IDM saat ini sudah rilis IDM versi 6.33 Build 2 dengan versi terbaru ini IDM menambahkan fitur diantaranya Fixed compatibility problems with Google Chrome 72nah jika anda mengalami hal tersebut anda wajib mengupdate IDM versi terbaru ini.


What’s new in version 6.33 Build 2

(Released: May 11, 2019)

Updated the new feature to download from file sharing web sites
Fixed problems of IDM 33 with Windows XP
Fixed bugs

What’s new in version 6.33 Build 1

(Released: May 05, 2019)

Added a new feature to improve downloading from sharing and other websites that generate temporary links that can be requested one time only. If IDM discovers such web site, it offers to send a report, and requests updated download rules for this web site from IDM servers. Because IDM has a large number of users, we plan to receive many reports and update this database quickly.
Added “Del” key to special keys to prevent downloading with IDM because previous keys (“Ctrl”, “Alt”, “Shift”) that we offered were reserved by browsers for other purposes
Fixed bugs

Download IDM terbaru 6.33 Build 2 full tanpa serial number bisa langsung anda download dilink download dibawah ini


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